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About Me
Well first off I really collect too much stuff! XD I'm a young "Lady" myself and a free spirit you could say...
Right now I am the current curator of The Beta Gallery! Come check it out
Anime-Beta Gallery

(The beginning)
I started cel collecting in 05' but I've been collecting anime (Black Lady / Wicked Lady Merchandise) longer that's how I came across cels and started collecting & learning about them. Of course Sailor Moon was the first anime I seen before I ever knew what anime was, I was just a kid when I saw sailor moon and it was the dub. I've since then educated myself on sailor moon and though after all these years I've never really seen the original Japanese version yet I am Very familiar with it and prefer it. Since it's been so long ago since I seen the show it's a little vague to me now but I hope to watch it again and uncut, it's probably better that way too, what I collect is enough already so I just stick to my favoritest character. But why do I collect her? Well it was love at first sight (Not in love ^^; lol) I was just memorized by her.......... and I was a "fanatic" ever since

(The Collection)
My focus has mainly been Black Lady, as I said before I collect not just cels merchandise of her too. I want to try and collect everything that was ever made of her or with her on it. I don't care how tiny it is of her if she's on it I have to have it. I know it's near impossible but I try, I would say all cels aside I have a fair amount of merchandise of her but not enough to me as you will see I'm very dedicated. One day I will take pictures and post them up!

(The Anime & Manga)
I Love both versions of her Anime AND Manga she was so much badder in the manga and I love how she rejected Luna-P, but then there were no cool attacks with Luna-P. I also loved how Pluto played a big part in the end of the chapter with her. Between the manga and anime I prefer the anime over manga. My favorite seasons of Sailor Moon are Classic and R of course! I also liked Super S. S and Stars would be my least favorite

(Other Anime)
There's also other animes that I deeply care for I collect from. To be able to own a piece of them a scene I remembered and enjoyed it's very special and means a lot to me.
So.. I've seen others since sailor moon if I like it enough or have a character I love, you will most likely see a piece of it/them here in my gallery

(Other Stuff)
When I'm not collecting cels I'm collecting figures, garage kits and various anime and video game merchandise. I also have Disney which I collect merchandise from, mainly there snowglobes, And my love for Japan and China I've been collecting everything from panels, screens, dolls and porcelains since I was younger (yes before I really got into anime and cels), I love the history and culture so much. I'm not really into manga but I have tried getting into them I'm just more of an anime person. Anime I prefer? I don't know it's really whatever I see that I like I don't go for certain genres but I do stay away from "hentai, ecchi etc." I'm also not a fan of darker animes I know life can't always be happy but at least what I watch can be

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me ^_^


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