Welcome to my gallery

I collect from Sailor Moon,Inuyasha,Yu Yu Hakusho,Mononoke Hime, and more.

I mainly collect Black Lady from Sailor Moon I just worship her anything I can find of her I have to have, and as you will see my main focus is on her.

So if you have any cels of her your looking to sell. Sell them to me ^-^

You can Email Me about anything by sending me feedback.

my gallery features production artwork from animes (Anime - The Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of the English word animation, In Japan the word is used to describe anything animated but outside of Japan the term is used to reference animations which originate in Japan) rather than American animation but who knows maybe that one day will change

I've tried/trying to add commentary to my cels but that obviously isn't my strong suit, sorry^^;

I hope you enjoy my collection!


News & Updates

12/23/2011Over the past three days I've added cels from Mononoke Hime, Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha! :D All that's left now is Sailor Moon and this update is going to be a doozy.
12/19/2011Just added another precious piece of artwork to me, a storyboard from Inuyasha The Movie 2! My last storyboard for this year's update. Now only cels left!! :D
12/19/2011Ok I've been very late with my updates and forgetting to mention them in the news section x_x. I finished adding what I have of Bleach for this year's update on 12/15. AND TODAY have added my most precious artwork, sketches from the anime Witchblade!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/12/2011Updated with Bleach sketches, more to come in this section!

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Title Last Updated
Sailor Moon - Black Lady / Wicked Lady (24) 2/15/2009
Sailor Moon - Black Lady / Wicked Lady Sketches (37) 12/23/2007
Bleach (44) 12/15/2011
Bleach - Storyboard Ep. 5 (100) 11/26/2011
Inuyasha / Inu Yasha (14) 12/23/2011
Inuyasha / Inu Yasha - Movie 1 (4) 3/8/2008
Inuyasha / Inu Yasha - Movie 2 Storyboard (21) 12/19/2011
Inuyasha / Inu Yasha - Sketches Etc. (2) 3/9/2008
Inuyasha / Inu Yasha - Storyboard Ep. 68 (102) 3/8/2008
Inuyasha / Inu Yasha - Storyboard Ep. 82 (119) 3/8/2008
Mononoke Hime / Princess Mononoke (5) 12/21/2011
Mononoke Hime / Princess Mononoke - Settei (63) 11/25/2011
Spirited Away - Copy Sketches (17) 3/9/2008
Witchblade - Rough Gengas (44) 12/19/2011
Witchblade - Storyboard Ep. 8 (135) 11/29/2011
Yu Yu Hakusho (13) 12/22/2011
Z. Gone but not forgotten [Cels, Sketches] (8) 3/9/2008

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