Spirited Away: A wicked paradise
Mononoke Hime / Princess Mononoke

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Princess of Wolves
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A112
Oversize, 14W x 9H

No Background

Added 12/21/2011
Updated 12/21/2011
Beautiful cel of San in the beginning of the movie riding her wolf brother to distract Eboshi so her mother Moro could surprise attack. It’s when we see her for the first time, also you only see her in this outfit just this once!

(Moro a giant wolf god hundreds of years old who has mastered the human language, San although human she raised as a daughter, as her own, when her human parents threw her as a baby at Moro and fled after being caught defiling her forest. Making San the wolf “princess” humans call Princess Mononoke)

I love this cel so much and dare to say this is my favorite Mononoke Hime cel I own. I had seen this exact image on the internet and fell absolutely in love and thought to myself “I would love this cel”. But doubted I would ever see it or afford it, I couldn’t believe when it popped up for sale let alone how reasonable the price! I was so lucky to have gotten it. I have included the image that I had seen below sadly I can’t remember where it came from since I saved it to give credit. The cel did come with a matching sketch that was a frame off but I had sold it which I regret.

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