Spirited Away: A wicked paradise

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the oracle :: bssm encyclopaedia - Your Sailor Moon Resource! This site I think has just about everything DEFINITELY one of the top sites
WikiMoon - Another site with helpful info : )
Dark Serenity ... A Black Lady Shrine - A little site dedicated to the manga version of Black Lady. There's a fun game of Black Lady versus Serenity tic tac toe.
Black Lady's Villians Shrine - One of my favorite websites beautiful images. I hope to use some of them don't worry as long as I have a link it should be ok.
S S D R ~ Sailor Star Dragon's Realm - This is one of the best websites if your a fan of any Sailormoon villain you have to check out there enemies shrine
PrincessSerenity.net - A wicked cool site with an amazing transparent gif shope
Castle in the Sky - Sailor Moon Home Page - Another great site with info on the Original and English dub wanna know all the changes they made down to every last little detail? It's here. Also has illustrated episode summaries on the missing episodes
Bunny's Ambition - AWESOME site devoted to the English translated Sailor Moon manga
Sailor Moon ~ Manga Style! - Awesome site!! Dedicated to the manga art of sailor moon, also has a great shopping guide for info to spot bootlegs if you're interested in collecting the sm artbooks!


Organize, Discuss, Discover - MyAnimeList.net - EXCELLENT source if you want to find out about an anime or manga!

Caring for your cels - About, Caring for your Animation art and Communities

Keys' Little Anime Cel FAQ - An FAQ on Cels there Sketches and Everything else in animation art, I'm sure most of your questions will be answered here
The Care and Handling of Animation Cels - A good guide on talking care of your Cels, make sure to keep your cels in "cel bags" and out of sunlight and when framing always use 100% acid free materials, UV protected glass and stress to your framer no trimming!
Anime-Beta - The cel/animation art forum where many of the collectors come to chat, very friendly place where you will find all the info you will need on animation art and caring for it. 1# place to go and just wonderful to meet other collectors and talk
Anime Cel and Animation Art Gallery - Rubberslug - Of course rubberslug! Where you can create a gallery for free and show off your artwork. Also nice place to meet other collectors

More Galleries - There are MANY galleries I love, here are a few in particular I want to share with you

Childhood Memories of a 90's Kid - My friend 90sKid :D , She's such a nice person and very funny herself! Check out her amazing growing gallery of Inuyasha, DBZ, Sailor Moon and of COURSE many other shows 90sKid enjoyed :D She's got some really good ones! go check it out!!!
My Expensive Hobby - This is such an impressive gallery I'm not sure many know about, besides the AMAZING Sailor Moon collection there's a Mononoke Hime one to match. One of my absolute loves. Seriously you have to check it out. My Expensive Hobby has some pieces collectors die inside over

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