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Sailor Moon - Black Lady / Wicked Lady Sketches

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absolutely love these!!
I don’t know which I love more sketch sets or cels

Sailor Moon has a complicated unpleasant history at least in the English speaking countries

To anyone who doesn't know Sailor Moon has been revered as the most successful, important and popular animes of all time

it had become hugely popular in the U.S as a children's series in its edited form, Although in its native Japan it is a far more sophisticated and mature series. Sailor Moon follows a girl named Usagi (aka "Serena" in the English dub) who has been given super powers by a magical cat. Soon, Usagi has recruited the Sailor Soldiers, a group of junior high school girls who use their powers to fight evil.

No uncut english dub exists of the first two seasons of Sailor Moon though all the other seasons and movies have one which I find very odd. Still uncut or not there were critical changes made that could not be reversed in the engilsh dub. The SuperS specials and the final season of Sailor Moon "Sailor Moon Stars" were never aired in the U.S or dubbed into english either.

Sailor Moon known as Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon (officially translated Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) originally ran in Japan from 1992-1997 which consisted of 5 seasons 3 movies and 5 specials/shorts titled

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon R
Sailor Moon S
Sailor Moon SuperS
Sailor Moon Stars

Sailor Moon R: The Movie
Sailor Moon S: The Movie
Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie

Make Up! Sailor Senshi
a short 15 minute anime special shown in theaters as an opener for the Sailor Moon R movie, A comical introduction to the cast of the series featuring Usagi and Chibiusa

Ami's First Love
a short 15 minute anime special solely focused on Ami based on an extra story from the manga, Originally shown in theaters as an opener for the Sailor Moon SuperS movie.

Sailor Moon SuperS Special
a special 45 minute episode that contained three mini episodes that took place directly in the storyline shortly after the beginning of Sailor Moon SuperS

"Special Episode #1" - "An Elegant Transformation? Crybaby Usagi's Growth Record"
When Chibiusa asks how Usagi first became Sailor Moon, she, Luna, and Artemis recall the story in a recap of the first three seasons

"Special Episode #2" - "Return of Haruka and Michiru! The Ghostly Puppet Show"
Haruka and Michiru take a holiday, but discover an evil presence lurking in their hotel. This episode also explains why the outers don’t appear in SuperS

"Special Episode #3" - "Chibiusa's Adventure, The Dreaded Vampire Castle"
Chibiusa begins to suspect that a mysterious new student is actually a vampire

My favorite character Black Lady is From Sailor Moon R (Season 2) who is Usagi/Sailor Moons daughter from the future known as Chibiusa/Small Lady who longs to be a grown lady, she travels to the past for Sailor Moons help from the Black Moon Clan who has sent the future to a screeching halt. Further along into the story she is brainwashed by the enemy and is transformed into an adult, now calling herself Black Lady (Wicked Lady in the English dub). Believing her parents were cruel and nobody loves or cared about her she stops at nothing to kill the Sailor Soldiers even if it meant destroying herself.

Black Lady is only shown in 4 episodes 85-88 (78-81 in the English dub)

here’s something interesting I found online I don’t know how true it is though “Takeuchi struggled with a name for Black Lady, initially calling her "The Black Queen" “

 #85 Black Lady / Wicked Lady sketch 3

 #85 Black Lady / Wicked Lady sketch 4

 #85 Black Lady / Wicked Lady sketch 5

 #85 Black Lady / Wicked Lady sketch 6

 #85 Black Lady / Wicked Lady sketch 7

 #85 Black Lady / Wicked Lady sketch 8
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