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Sadly Bleach is something that I fell in love with instantly but over time have fallen out of love with. It starts out with a teenage boy named Ichigo Kurosaki that can see spirits and thru a series of events becomes a substitute soul reaper (or shinigami for you hardcore Japanese fans^-^) who now must protect others of his town from evil spirits known as hollows.

It started to lose me at the soul society arc here nothing’s ever the same as before, even though it was going in a new direction and changing I still liked it, maybe not as much as before but I loved the new characters it introduced and the story was funny and still good but it just killed me with the “fillers” as they call it. (Something that doesn’t actually happen in the story and is done when an anime is caught up with and or waiting on the next chapter of its manga as most animes are based from mangas)
(Manga - The Japanese word for "comics" and consists of graphic novels, comics and print cartoons. In English-speaking countries the term "Manga" is used to refer specifically to those graphic novels originated in Japan)

The bount arc was horrendous and ruined the show for me when it was getting back on track I was enjoying it and starting to warm up to Bleach again but the show went into re-runs (which I know isn’t the shows fault) but when it comes back from its cliffhanger out of nowhere we get this new captain filler arc (it was terrible too). After that Bleach was (for a lack of better words) dead to me, I decided to spoil it and read everything that happens. There were other things that bothered me too but I’ve ranted enough, Still I can’t help but be loyal and keep watching and I Still LOVE the characters and there’s so many of them too which you don’t see often of this volume.

I really wouldn’t recommend the show to anyone unless they skipped those crappy filler arcs maybe you could have a different experience with it then I did as it’s still a fun action anime

My favorites characters are Soul Reapers Rukia Kuchiki and Rangiku Matsumoto
Visoreds Hiyori Sarugaki and Shinji Hirako (wow a boy! :P)
Espadas Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck and Tier Harribel


 #5 Ichigo and Rukia rough

 #5 Ichigo and Rukia B2 Layout?

 #5 Ichigo and Rukia B3 Layout?

 #9 Sad Rukia A2 Layout

 #9 Sad Rukia A2 rough

 #9 Sad Rukia A3 correction?
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