Spirited Away: A wicked paradise
Witchblade - Rough Gengas

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This has become one of my favorite animes I feel this is truly one of those that are underrated. It’s such a great story and a shame it can be over looked because yes they have little covering them up and most of them have big boobs but what anime girl doesn’t nowadays -_- it’s not one of those anime porns known as “hentai” (or has anything sexually offensive of that nature NO “Ecchi”) although I thought it may have been something like that myself too, But I gave it a try and was I happy I did and at a time I was starving for some anime too.

Long sought by the greed of men but bestowed only upon the women whose fate it forever scars, The Witchblade righteous sword of god or hand of the devil himself? A new bearer finds out soon seeking balance between ecstasy and ruin

The show is about (Masane Amaha) a young single mother with no memory of her past, who is looking to make a better life for her daughter. She comes to find out that she is the new bearer of the Witchblade a fatal weapon that chooses who will bear it. We follow Masane as she tries to cope with this new power and take care of her daughter all while she deals with two companies’ battle for control over it and discovers why the Witchblade chose her


I must say these are one of my most prized possessions any artwork from newer animes now is so rare and non-existent I am so honored to own these pieces.

When I bought these they were referred to as “rough gengas” but there are some dougas in here, all are original sketches no copies


 Segawa and Masane

 Segawa and Masane


 Rihoko B8 douga

 Rihoko B9 douga
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